Sail Away

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1 sheet of printed HTV (12x12)

Transfer Tape is NOT included


These are printed on a Roland Eco Solvent Commercial Printer to assure that you get a bright, vibrant long lasting finish that will last years. Prints come in 12" x 12" sizes. 

Instructions for using HTV Prints:

Step 1: Cut your image with print side UP and DO NOT REVERSE. 
Step 2: Weed the unwanted vinyl from the HTV sheets.
Step 3: Place HTV Transfer Tape (also known as TTD Easy Mask) on top of your               weeded design pressing firmly across the graphic or design. Peel the                     transfer tape up and your graphic or design will stay attached to the                       transfer. It is now ready to be placed on your garment.
Step 4: Preheat fabric 2-3 seconds, this will take out any moisture that may be in               the fabric. A good idea to always do when pressing vinyl.
Step 5: Position the transfer-taped (masked) design on fabric design face up.
Step 6: Iron or heat press the design 10-15 seconds at 305° F, medium pressure.              (Don't forget to use your Teflon sheet to protect the masked graphic)   Step 7: Remove the transfer tape (mask) while warm. (keep the mask-you can                    use it as long as it remains able to stick to the graphic)

Users should test a small piece if not familiar with the process.

Care Instructions for htv:
*Do not dry clean.
*Wash inside out.
*Machine wash warm / mild detergent.
*Dry on normal setting.
*No chlorine bleach.
*Wait 24 hours before first wash.
*Also use care instructions that is on your garment, certain materials will tell you not to machine wash or dry so be sure to check that as well.

Not all computer screens and monitors are the same so colors may be slightly different than shown on monitor. Images are made with pixelations, some prints may show slight pixelation but once cut and weeded you can't tell that and they are viewed at a distance, not close to the eyes. There are only a few print designs that you can see slight pixelation at a very close up view.

We try to scale down all prints in a seamless pattern so that cutting smaller or larger monograms or graphics looks good. However, occasionally a print will have to be tiled in order for it to be scaled down for optimal cutting. If this is necessary there may be a seam to the pattern. If you have any questions about the size then please ask before you order. 

All patterns are "printed" so any resemblance of glitter, metallic, etc is not a "texture" but a print.



  • Certification: CPSIA Certified
  • Specifications: PU composition; Pressure sensitive backing; Semi-gloss finish; 90 Microns / 3.5 Mils; 45°/60° blade; Can be layered
  • Applies To: 100% cotton; 100% uncoated polyester; Poly/cotton blends; Leather
  • Heat Application:
    • Time: 10-15 seconds
    • Temperature: 305° F / 150° C
    • Pressure: Medium
    • Peel: HOT or COLD
  • Care Instructions: Do not dry clean; Machine wash WARM / mild detergent; Dry at normal setting; No chlorine bleach; Wait 24 hours before first wash
  • Recommended Accessories: Siser Weeder; TTD Easy Mask, Multipurpose Paper or Heat Transfer Cover Sheet