Custom Stencil

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If you have a silhouette design you would like used please email it to me with your order number to If not, we will select the design based on your description.

Custom sizes can also be made please pm us for a custom order.

Made of flexible plastic, these amazing stencils are rugged enough to reuse over & over. You’ll save time, effort & waste... and get gorgeous results every time.

Stencil Tips:

1: Be sure your surface to be stenciled is clean, dry and not glossy. Fabric should be prewashed

2: Place your stencil in position and secure with stencil adhesive or painters tape.

3: Load paint onto stencil brush, roller, dauber or sponge. If bleaching use a spray bottle. Dab off any excess paint/bleach onto paper towel (remember less is more). It’s better to do light layers of paint/bleach. If using a brush, hold like a pencil with bristles flat. Start at the outside edges of the stencil and paint in a circular, clockwise motion moving toward the center.

4: Carefully remove stencil and allow paint to dry.

Clean-Up: Cleaning your stencils is not necessary however it may help extend the life of your stencil if cleaned after each use. Stencil can be wiped clean with a paper towel. If paint has dried then clean with a paper towel dampened with a citrus based cleaner, latex paint remover or mineral spirits.