Custom Print Vinyl

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Pattern requested for print
PLEASE upload file pattern. If you can find a pattern on the following websites there will be no art charge. If not, there may or may not be one - depending on the licensing fees charged by the designer.
Etsy is a great place to look for digital patterns but if we have to buy the pattern to print it we will invoice you for that amount.
Professionally Printed Heat Transfer Vinyl and Craft Vinyl

All vinyl is printed on a large format Roland printer that uses Eco-solvent inks.

Permanent Gloss Adhesive Vinyl (Printable Oracal 651):
• 4mil
• Glossy Finish
• Permanent Adhesive : NOT FOR CLOTHING
• Not recommended for use on painted walls
• Weatherproof
• up to 4 years outdoor Durable
Removable Matte Adhesive Vinyl (Printable Oracal 631):
• 3 mil
• Matte Finish
• Removable Adhesive : NOT FOR CLOTHING
• up to 3 years Indoor Durable
Heat Transfer Vinyl (Siser Color Print Easy):
• Great For Applying to Cotton, Polyester, or Cotton/Poly Blend Materials
• Produces A Screen Print-Like Feel
• Semi-glossy finish, great for both light and dark colored fabrics
• Can Be Used With A Standard Home Iron
• Cut With Any Vinyl Cutter
• Cut Printed Material face up (do not mirror)
• TTD MASK (application tape) is required. (You must purchase it separately)
Application Instructions:
 >>>Preheat: 2-3 Seconds<<< 
Temperature: 300° F / 149° C
• Pressure: Medium
• Time: 15 Seconds
• Peel: Hot/WARM