Breast Cancer Eye

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This is for a Ready to Press Sublimation Transfer only. 

The transfer you receive will not have a watermark on it!

Out transfers are printed on high quality specially coated Sublimation paper, with high quality Sublimation inks on a printer made especially for sublimation.

Prints will look dull on the paper, but will press bright with a high count polyester shirt. Shirt must be at least 50% polyester, but the higher the count, the brighter the pressed image will be. If using a polyester/cotton blend shirt, the ink will wash out of the cotton fibers when washed and will look faded. The lighter the color of the fabric the brighter the print will be. 


Transfer MUST be pressed with a heat press. A home iron or Easy Press will not work.

The colors on your computer  screen may vary from the actual colors. We try to be accurate but each monitor is slightly different.
Put personalization in commetns

Sizes are based on the LONGEST SIDE of the design. So, an adult size may be 11 inches long but only 8 inches wide so that the design stays proportional. We can print up to 23" - 24' wide on one side but our basic sizes are:

Adult - 11 inches

Youth - 8 inches

Toddler - 7 inches

Infant - 5 inches

Pocket - 3 inches

Oversize - 15 inches

Transfer instructions:
400 degrees Fahrenheit
50-60 seconds
Medium Pressure
Put parchment or butcher paper inside the garment to ensure the ink does not bleed through the shirt to the back. Do not reuse this same paper, discard after use.
Place transfer face down
Remove paper immediately